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Arival Bangkok

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Partnership Opportunities

For partnership inquiries:

Arival Partners (LIMITED)

Benefit package for all Arival Partners includes your logo featured:

  • On event website in Partner Scroll on every page, except Homepage
  • During video scroll in the Arival Theater (see example)
  • Signage at event
  • Attendee Guide

Plus you get:

  • Three (3) complimentary registrations
  • Additional sponsor tickets are available at the Early Bird rate
  • 10% discount for you to provide your database of clients, partners and prospects

Minimum spend to be an Arival Partner:

How it Works!

Partnership packages are put together on an à la carte basis. You choose the options that meet your objectives from all Sponsorship Options listed below (that are not already sold).

Opportunity NameAmount# Available
Demo Labs (2 max per Launch Partner, 1 max per Arival Partner)
Arival’s mission is to demystify technology and distribution and empower tour and activity suppliers to capitalize on all of the new technology and innovation serving the tours and activities sector. Demo Labs are a key element in Arival’s mission, by enabling suppliers to to get an extended, hands-on feel for what it might be like to use a new technology for their business. This is where you come in. Create a compelling, practical, hands-on demonstration (not a sales pitch! no slides with bullets listing features) that will give a real feel for attendees of what it’s like to use your tech and how to take advantage of your distribution platform. The Arival Demo Labs take place in a workshop room that accommodates 25-100 people. They are 30 minutes long, with a dedicated Internet connection, projector and screen. Arival sends out pre-registration requests for each Lab, and you can invite specific prospects (we ask that you avoid emailing the entire attendee list). The Arival content team works with you to ensure your demo lab is awesome, highlights your best and gives attendees a good feel for your tech and your company.
$7,50015 12 left
Branded Meeting Spot in Networking Lounge
Position your brand with great visibility: get a high-profile meeting and exhibit space in the Arival Networking Lounge. Arival exhibits include your branding, electrical, Internet, and seating for two.

$10,00020 17 left
Specialty Space

Room for approximately 30 people depending on room setup. Branding on the Arival website, event mobile app, printed attendee guide and signage at the event. Rooms are located just outside of the Arival Network Lounge area. Food, beverages and A/V are optional and additional. Other than signage outside of the Specialty Space, Client is responsible for branding inside the Specialty Space.

Specialty Space rooms are open Monday: noon – 5:00pm, Tuesday: 8:00am – 6:00pm, Wednesday: 8:00am – 1:30pm
All Arival attendees will proudly be wearing your brand on the lanyard that holds the Arival name tag. We will work with you to design Lanyards that convey your brand and make their mark with every attendee. Imagine the impact!

$10,0001 SOLD
Name Tags
What do you do when you go to an event? Well you look at everyone’s name tag to figure out who you want to meet, right? Put your brand on the Arival name tag, we work with you to design an attractive and functional name tag that highlights your brand . Imagine the exposure!

Arival Activities Desk
Help Arival attendees book amazing experiences during their stay in Bangkok with your booking platform. Arival will provide your brand with website presence similar to, promotion on every confirmation letter, pre-travel emails and an on-site desk:. We make sure to put your brand in front of attendees throughout pre-event communications andy ou also get a Branded Meeting Spot during the conference for the Activities Desk. Show off your booking engine and build your presence in the industry.
Registration and Info Desk
All attendees have to register, right? And the registration and info desk is in a high profile area of the event Monday through Wednesday. There is no area with higher traffic. You are guaranteed to be seen with every single attendee. The desk is branded and your company says "You have Arived".
$7,500 1 SOLD
Your Brand in Lights
Your logo in the bright lights in the Arival Theater. Four companies will have their brands in rotation using gobo lights or similar. Lights will be shown regularly during all Arival Theater Sessions.
Sponsor 1 of 2 lunches served on Tuesday and Wednesday and you will have a captive audience. Put your brand in front of the hungry attendees with signage at the buffet stations, table tents throughout and more creative ideas that your team, and ours, can come up with. Arival, of course, pays for the lunch.
Coffee Breaks
Throughout Arival we make sure everyone stays caffeinated. Coffee, tea, sodas, and snacks – you take the credit. Fantastic branding options are available, be creative! Arival pays for snacks and beverages. This package includes 2 breaks on Tuesday or 2 breaks on Wednesday.
Co-sponsor Welcome Party on Monday Night
Welcome the attendees who get into Bangkok on Monday night with a welcome event. Arival will help source the location and work with you on details. Only one official party will be scheduled and promoted. Arival pays for drinks, entertainment, branding, etc.
Co-Sponsor Tuesday's Happy Hour
Following Tuesday's program, take a short 10 minute stroll to The Escape Bangkok, where the scene is set to an Island theme, complete with a beach bar and foliage. Whether sidled up to the bar under the Sail or seated on the Terrace with a view of the Bangkok skyline, you are sure to enjoy this secret sanctuary with our Arival friends new and old. A DJ will help to set the party atmosphere, spinning tunes as we wrap up our full day of learning and networking in Bangkok. Co-sponsor the Arival party including drinks, canapes and entertainment in one of Bangkok's hottest nightspots.
Reach the ultimate Tours & Activities audience – a captive group of attendees representing attractions, tours and activity suppliers as well as distributors and tech companies from around the world. Show your video (maximum of 60 seconds) two times during the Arival Theater Sessions. It doesn’t get any bigger than this in Tours & Activities.
$2,5006 5 left
Photo Booth
Located in the Arival Networking Lounge. Be Creative and Build a Photo Lounge that attendees will remember. Photos for social posts, post cards, headshots, you name it. Arival works with your team to provide the space and branding for you to do your thing.
Official Airport Transportation Partner
Provide meet and greet service and transportation options to Arival attendees from Bangkok's airport. To be determined if this is for one or both of Bangkok's international airports. Includes extensive, branded promotion to conference attendees. The sponsor will agree to provide a minimum of 125 free, one-way rides from the airport to the hotel.
Custom Branded Inflatable Ottomans
Spread throughout the Arival Networking Lounge, the Inflatable Ottomans are the perfect place to sit for those short business meetings taking place all week and will be spread throughout the lounge. Thirty Ottomans will be used, as sponsor, 15 of them will feature your branding.

$5,0001 SOLD
Branded Water Bottles
We don't want to use plastic, so we'll buy 500 water bottles with your brand featured based on your design. Cost includes the water bottles.

Full Page Ad in Attendee Guide
The Arival Guide is an attractive, condensed and informative guide to everything Arival in Bangkok. Limited, high profile ads are available on a first come, first served basis: Back Cover, Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover.
$5,0003 2 left
Prime Banner Ads in Mobile App and Event App
Over 90% of Arival attendees in Las Vegas downloaded the event app and 100% in Berlin! You have to use the app to select workshops and demo labs. The event app is used is used on desktop prior to the event and also the hub for networking during the event. A maximum of five banners will be featured front and center on the app providing fantastic ongoing exposure. Links to your website can be provided.
$5,0005 3 left
Branded Phone Charging Power Station$10,0001 SOLD
The Connection Point
Sometimes it can be hard to find the person you are meeting at Arival. The Arival Networking Lounge is always buzzing with meetings taking place everywhere. Sponsor the "Connection Point" with benefits including:

- Full branding of the Connection Point, ideally located in the Arival Networking Lounge
- Branding in the Event App and Attendee printed guide, The (Sponsor) Connection Point, making it clear to all attendees that The (sponsor) Connection Point is a great location to meet.
- A designed area for people to connect in the Arival Networking Lounge

Note: This is not a sponsored meeting spot. The sponsor does not host meetings at The Connection Point.

Tourpreneur is a B2B podcast for tour operators. Rod Cuthbert, founder and former CEO of Viator calls it ‘the soundtrack of the Experiences industry.’
Online Travel Industry veteran Shane Whaley interviews Tourpreneurs (tour operators) from around the world. He walks listeners through tourpreneur’s unique journey in the travel industry, their success strategies, proud achievements, and how they have dealt with challenges in their business. Shane deep dives into their business from concept to reality and reveals their productivity tips and advice for others.The Tourpreneur Daily Briefing is the world’s only curated daily email digest that focuses on tours and activities.

Sponsorship Benefits:
* Branding at the entry to the Tourpreneur@Arival Podcast booth located adjacent to the Arival Networking Lounge
* Twenty – 10-15 minute interviews with a tourpreneur.
* The podcast episodes to be broadcast each weekday starting November 4th.
* The episodes are evergreen content and will always carry the sponsor messages even years later.

Sponsor receives the following ad slots:
* Pre-roll 15 seconds
* Mid-roll 30-60 seconds
* Sponsor logo on episode art viewable on all podcast apps.
* Sponsor logo and links on every Tourpreneur interview from Arival Orlando 2019.
* Main Sponsor of the Tourpreneur Daily Briefing for the month of November includes logo and links at the top of the email.

Listen to some of the podcasts listed here: to hear how Checkfront's positioning on this series of podcasts.

IdeaHub is a video studio for attendees to share game-changing tips, ideas, or stories with the Arival audience and in-destination industry. Partner with us to make IdeaHub possible, and your company name will be present on all resulting videos.

This opportunity includes a minimum of 20 tips that will be branded for the sponsor similar to those listed here.

The video will include your company in the pre-roll introduction clip, lower third text of the video introducing the interviewee, and final ending clip of the video. Branding including your company will be present as well at the video studio on-site at the Arival conference. After the event, you are welcome to share the videos, and we will also share them across our marketing channels with tour, activity and attraction operators around the world.
Provide an Experience

Here’s your chance to show off your experience to Arival attendees. Anything from a food tour to a walking tour to a hop on hop off bus or a major attraction. These experiences will be scheduled pre or post Arival or on an evening when no other events are scheduled. Offer a minimum of 10 people a complimentary experience and strut your stuff to the influential Arival attendees.

And our attendees loved it!

Great content, hands-on workshops, terrific networking and a ton of fun. Hear what 2019 attendees had to say.

Hear from tech companies, OTAs and large operators why they invest in Arival.

If you want to grow your reach and brand in the in-destination industry, there is no better partner than Arival.

See Highlights of
Arival Bangkok 2019

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Hear What Attendees Say

“Arival provided a great opportunity to hear about what is going on in the industry and get inspiration from companies who have achieved the things we are aiming for in the future!"

Simon Philipp, Expique

“What makes these guys different is the authenticity – doing events not for ego or $$$…..but with a sincere desire to develop relationships and push the community forward. Love (heart) what Arival has accomplished thus far and excited to watch and support their growth. #greatnessahead."

Brett Henry, MG Group

“Arival is a fantastic event and probably one of the best I’ve attended. Having a focused event on Tours & Activities is needed in this fast growing environment and this is what Arival provides."

Matt Cuckston, Klook

Arival Orlando Attendees Tell Us What They Thought of the Event (And Major Takeaways)

Tour operators react and share their experience from ARIVAL Orlando 2019. Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley asked 14 Arival attendees what they thought of the Arival Orlando event and what were some of the major learnings. Tourpreneur@Arival Presented by Checkfront. Tune in for espresso shot style interviews!


The Big Picture: Investment, Innovation & the Future of In-Destination in Asia

Let’s face it: The In-destination industry has been the hottest sector of travel over the past few years. Venture capital keeps pouring in, M&A is accelerating, technology is (finally) taking hold and operators across the region and around the world are investing in tech. Where does this all lead? Will OTAs own the day? Do operators have a voice? What will these changes mean to creators and sellers across the region? A leading venture investor, a corporate strategist and a startup CEO who’s seen it all explain the present and chart the future for The Best Part of Travel.

Roundtable: DMOs & the State of In-Destination in Asia

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) play a pivotal role in driving tourism and advancing the interests of local tours, activities and attractions. This session assembles leaders from some of Asia’s most important tourism bodies to discuss key trends in travel across Asia, the role of DMOs in driving sustainable tourism growth, and how operators of tours, activities and attractions can best work with local and national tourism authorities to advance our industry.

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