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Arival Bangkok

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Why Sponsor

Why Arival?

Arival is the only event dedicated to the Best Part of Travel – the things travelers do when they get there. Arival’s mission is to advance the business of creating awesome in-destination experiences.

Why Sponsor?

At Arival, you can reach a targeted audience of tour and, activities providers, attractions and events, and leaders in travel distribution, technology and marketing.

The most targeted audience: more than 500 attendees, all tour and activity providers, attractions, and technology, distribution and marketing innovators serving the in-destination sector.

Here is the general breakdown of attendees from past Arival Events

  • 63% suppliers (day tour operators, activity providers, attractions, experiences) 63% 63%
  • 27% technology and distribution 27% 27%
  • 10% marketing, media, investors 10% 10%

And our attendees loved it!

Great content, hands-on workshops, terrific networking and a ton of fun. Hear what 2019 attendees had to say.

Hear from tech companies, OTAs and large operators why they invest in Arival.

If you want to grow your reach and brand in the in-destination industry, there is no better partner than Arival.

Don’t follow. Become a sponsor and define your leadership in travel’s fastest growing sector: the tours and activities community

Arival offers a variety of ways for you to engage with attendees, cater to your VIPs and create new awareness among suppliers large and small

There are a wide variety of ways to take advantage of Arival for your company

  • Show off what your company does by presenting Demo Labs
  • Position your company with great visibility with a kiosk in the Networking Lounge
  • Throw a party for your VIPs – a wide range of party options are available
  • Reserve a private board room for your important meetings
  • Branding options galore
  • Consider a user conference or client summit on Monday September 24. Arival provides a turnkey solution
  • And more… just ask!

See a list of opportunities here.

See Highlights of
Arival Bangkok 2019

Watch Videos of Previous Events Below:

Hear What Attendees Say

“Arival provided a great opportunity to hear about what is going on in the industry and get inspiration from companies who have achieved the things we are aiming for in the future!"

Simon Philipp, Expique

“What makes these guys different is the authenticity – doing events not for ego or $$$…..but with a sincere desire to develop relationships and push the community forward. Love (heart) what Arival has accomplished thus far and excited to watch and support their growth. #greatnessahead."

Brett Henry, MG Group

“Arival is a fantastic event and probably one of the best I’ve attended. Having a focused event on Tours & Activities is needed in this fast growing environment and this is what Arival provides."

Matt Cuckston, Klook

Arival Orlando Attendees Tell Us What They Thought of the Event (And Major Takeaways)

Tour operators react and share their experience from ARIVAL Orlando 2019. Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley asked 14 Arival attendees what they thought of the Arival Orlando event and what were some of the major learnings. Tourpreneur@Arival Presented by Checkfront. Tune in for espresso shot style interviews!


The Big Picture: Investment, Innovation & the Future of In-Destination in Asia

Let’s face it: The In-destination industry has been the hottest sector of travel over the past few years. Venture capital keeps pouring in, M&A is accelerating, technology is (finally) taking hold and operators across the region and around the world are investing in tech. Where does this all lead? Will OTAs own the day? Do operators have a voice? What will these changes mean to creators and sellers across the region? A leading venture investor, a corporate strategist and a startup CEO who’s seen it all explain the present and chart the future for The Best Part of Travel.

Roundtable: DMOs & the State of In-Destination in Asia

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) play a pivotal role in driving tourism and advancing the interests of local tours, activities and attractions. This session assembles leaders from some of Asia’s most important tourism bodies to discuss key trends in travel across Asia, the role of DMOs in driving sustainable tourism growth, and how operators of tours, activities and attractions can best work with local and national tourism authorities to advance our industry.

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