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Defying the Odds: Watersports & Activities Sector

Originally aired:

17 Aug 2020 at 12:00 (EST)

Defying the Odds: How the Watersports & Activities Sector Has Thrived amid the Pandemic

While most tour and activity operators are emerging from a business-crushing travel lockdown, one segment seems to have not just survived but thrived. This session, with three experienced operators and sellers of water-based experiences in the Southeast U.S., delves into how this sector has weathered the crisis, what the rest of our industry can learn, and what are the challenges ahead for watersport tours and activities.

Covered in this Arival Online Event:
– What is the watersports sector?
– The challenges unique to watersport experiences
– How have operators managed so well during COVID-19
– The booking systems and technology needs of Watersport operators
– Insurance in watersports
– Watersports and OTAs
– How to market watersports