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Everything You Need to Know: Roundtables, Buzz Sessions & Arival Experts

For those of you who have attended in person, you know that during our live events you have to choose what is most important for you and your company. Where do you spend your time? The theater sessions, workshops, demo labs, the networking lounge, or spending all of your time in meetings.

If you are looking for accelerated learning from peers, we recommend finding an intimate roundtable or buzz session that meets your business needs, we have a range of topics to choose from, all hosted by our Arival Experts to ensure these are inclusive, interactive, and informative.

Find out more about our Roundtables and Buzz Sessions below. 


  • Roundtables are intimate group discussions with 10-15 people in a “Zoom Room” type of format with up to 12 people on screen at a time. Think of them just like a lunch table at a live event with a facilitated discussion on a specific topic.
  • Each roundtable is 45 minutes and this format has proven to be really successful and popular.
  • These have a specific topic and will be hosted by an ArivalExpert; ArivalExperts facilitate the roundtable discussion and ensure it is inclusive, interactive, and informative.
  • These are first-come, first-served, and must be reserved in advance, they will fill up.
  • We consider roundtables to be a combination of great content where everyone is learning from everyone else as well as networking because you get to meet a small group of people who share your interests.

Buzz Sessions

These interactive sessions take place in a Zoom room type format with a capacity of 50 people. They will start with a 10-15 minute (non-commercial) presentation, followed by a discussion with the whole group. All 50 participants will be able to see and hear the people on screen and any screen shares during the presentation. Participants can come in and out of the 12 spots on-screen when they have a comment or question and we expect these to be really buzzy sessions. You must register for the Buzz Sessions, they are likely to fill up.


These are more casual sessions where there won’t be a specific topic but will be a place for people from an industry vertical (eg: Food Tours, Bike Tours, Walking Tours, Attractions, Small Operator Owners) where attendees just “drop-in” to meet up with others in their vertical. They will be hosted by a subject matter expert, but think of them more like a coffee break and a place to meet others in your business. These interactive sessions take place in a Zoom room type format with a capacity of 50 people. Registration is not required.

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