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Events, Insights, Community, and Connections for creators and sellers of tours, activities, attractions, and experiences.

Arival Event FAQs

Please contact us at if you need personal assistance.

Q: What are the session types during an Arival Event?

A: At Arival there is so much going on your head will be spinning. For those of you who have attended in person, you know that during our live events you have to choose what is most important for you and your company. Where do you spend your time? The theater sessions, workshops, demo labs, the networking lounge, or spending all of your time in meetings.

  • Mainstage – this is when only one stream of content is happening. This includes Keynotes, Ask Me Anything interviews, Panels, and Operator Talks.
  • Workshops – two or three “breakouts” will be streamed at the same time, providing you with options best suited for your business.
  • Roundtables – small group sessions (10-15 people) in a “Zoom Room” type of format with up to 12 people on screen at a time. These have a specific topic and will be hosted by an ArivalExpert. Roundtables are interactive and engaging and have been one of the most popular things about Arival virtual events. These are first-come, first-served, and must be reserved in advance, they will fill up.
  • Buzz Sessions – these also take place in a Zoom room type format with a capacity of 50 people. They will start with a 10-15 minute (non-commercial) presentation for about 10-15 minutes followed by a discussion with the whole group. All 50 participants will be able to see and hear the people on screen and any screen shares during the presentation. Participants can come in and out of the 12 spots on-screen when they have a comment or question and we expect these to be really buzzy sessions. You must register for the Buzz Sessions, they are likely to fill up.
  • Meetups – when you’re looking to relax and just connect with some people who are in the same vertical or situation you are in, head to a meetup. You can just drop-in to the meetups to see if there is something interesting for you to participate in. These are the same type of Zoom Rooms with a maximum of 50 people including 12 on-screen at a time. They will be hosted but there won’t be a specific topic other than the overall vertical such as Food Tours, Bike Tours, Walking Tours, Watersports, Small Tour Owners, Attractions.
Q: Who speaks at Arival Events?

A: Our fantastic slate of speakers can be found here and more will be added in the weeks ahead.

Q: What are ArivalExperts?

A: The Arival Expert Network are experienced experts in the In-Destination industry who have partnered with Arival to offer their expertise. The Arival experts will be facilitating roundtables on a range of topics, providing an opportunity for operators to learn from other operators, share your experiences, and make new connections.

Arival Experts are listed here and more will be added in the weeks ahead. 

Q: What is a Roundtable and How do they work?

A: Roundtables are intended to be small group conversations, limited to 10- 15 people so that everyone has a chance to be on camera and participate. Think of them like lunch table gatherings where everyone is asked to share opinions and join in the conversation. 

Roundtables are not recorded and do require advance registration. You should only register for sessions where you will able to be online live so you are present and an active participant.

Q. Will the sessions be available on-demand?

A: Yes, all sessions (except Roundtables) will be available on-demand shortly after.

Q: Do I have to pay to watch it on-demand?

A: Yes, only ticketed attendees will have access to the content, which will be available for one year. 

Q: Why isn't my promo code working?

A: After entering your promo code, make sure to click “apply” for the code to activate and adjust the pricing for various ticketing options. If  you are still having trouble, contact us –

Q: I’m registered for the event, how do I access the platform?

A: Your registration confirmation will come directly from Evenium, immediately following your purchase. Additionally, you will get a Welcome Email from Swapcard (the event app) approximately 7-10 days before the event itself. If you don’t see your Welcome Email from Swapcard by October 19th, make sure to check your Spam Folders and search for

Alternatively, you can go directly to and login with the email you used to register one week prior to the event. If all else fails, email us directly at for assistance!

Q: When should I log in to the event?

A: Right after you get your Welcome Email from Swapcard! It contains a one-click link to the event app, where you’ll be prompted to complete your profile and to start registering for sessions. To maximize your networking experience, it is extremely important to complete your profile, including a headshot, personal information, and your company details. Complete information allows other attendees to find you and make relevant connections. 

Additionally, some sessions have limited registration, so work your way through the agenda and register for sessions that are of interest to you.

Q: Can you access the event on my mobile?

A: You can access the Platform through our Arival Event App available in both Google Play and the Apple App Store to download.

Once the App is downloaded you can Login with the email address you used to register to the event.

Q: What technical requirements are there for attending the online event?

A: The best way to participate is via a desktop or laptop computer using Chrome as your browser. Other browsers such as Safari and Firefox work, but some features will not be optimized.

Q: How will I network with other attendees?

A: Virtual Networking is a real thing at Arival 360! In the ‘Attendees’ tab of our Swapcard event platform, there are search filters to help you pare down the list of attendees by company type, locations, what each person is looking for, etc. This is why building your profile is so important. 

When you find someone who might be an interesting connection for you, send them a “connection request.” It will remain pending until received on their end and once accepted, you’ll both be a part of each other’s network. You can request a meeting with them from the time slots available on their profile or you can click on their profile and send a message requesting a different time to connect. Once a time is agreed, click back into their profile and select the square box with the arrow to the right of their name, then click the camera icon to start your video call.

If all else fails and time is too tight during the virtual event, you can arrange to connect post-event. The Swapcard platform is open for (1) year after the event to continue networking!

Q: What is the hashtag for the event?

A: The hashtag is #arivalevent. You can follow the hashtag on Twitter for the latest news.

Q: Do you offer any group discounts?

A: Yes, you can purchase an unlimited company ticket. Find pricing here.

The Unlimited Group Ticket allows for unlimited attendees from within the same company. All registered emails must use the primary company domain. If your company is a large enterprise with multiple brands you will need to purchase multiple unlimited tickets, one per brand.

Q: I originally registered for the 2020 in-person event, will I have access to the online event?

A: All attendees who have registered for the in-person event have received communication from our team regarding access to the online event. If you have not received an email, please send us an email at and our team will follow up with you.

Q: Due to the time zone difference, we probably will not be able to participate live. Will there be anything that we will miss because of this? (Ex. Networking sessions, etc.)

A: All content (except for Roundtables) will be available on-demand. If you can’t join during the 10:00 am – 4:00 pm EDT hours, you won’t be able to participate in Roundtables and the majority of the networking that will happen at the event.

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A: All cancellations must be submitted in writing to

Cancellations outside of 60 days are subject to a $100 administrative fee. 

Cancellations received inside 60 days of the published event start date are subject to loss of all monies paid. 

Name change requests are subject to a $100 change fee.

Q: I’m interested in learning more about sponsorships for the event. Who do I reach out to?

A: Contact for more details.

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