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Alex Kremer

Co-founder, Arival

Alex co-founded Arival with Douglas & Bruce to provide insights, knowledge and networking for the hundreds of thousands of experienced providers around the world. A nine-year veteran of Tours, Activities & Attractions, Alex is also co-founder and Advisor at Redeam, a channel sales platform serving the sector. He was previously Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Nor1, a leading hospitality merchandising provider. He joined Nor1 after it acquired Flextrip, a B2B tours & activities distribution network he co-founded.

Alex is a 15-year veteran of technology startup companies, previously co-founding Cruvee, a business intelligence company for the wine industry where he led Business Development. Prior to that, he co-founded FanAxis, one of the world’s first fan club management and merchandising firms in the music and entertainment industries. Alex is based in Boulder, Colorado.



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