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Jared Broach

Chief Spirit Hunter Taster aka Director, Nightly Spirits and Cable Car Wine Tours

Jared Broach is the founder of Nightly Spirits and owner of Cable Car Wine Tours. Jared holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University and a Masters in Business from UMASS. Jared began his career in sales for an elevator company and founded Nightly Spirits in 2012 just outside Washington DC as a side business. Nightly Spirits were opened to offer a fun way to hear some of the history and spooky stories of a city through walking haunted pub tours. Nightly Spirits now offers walking tours in 16 cities across the United States, tours tens of thousands of people a year, and employs more than 100 people throughout the country. Cable Car Wine Tours was acquired in 2020 after 14 successful years operating in California. Jared is still working full time in the elevator industry while managing the operations for both Nightly Spirits and Cable Car Wine Tours.


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