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The Tours & Activities Travelers Want This Summer

U.S. Travelers' Summer Plans for Tours, Activities & Attractions in 10 Charts
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Tours, Activities & Attractions figure prominently in travelers’ summer plans, and you need to know what travelers want as we head into the summer busy season. So we have conducted a pulse survey of U.S. adults planning a trip this summer to help give you an edge. Arival’s Summer Traveler Pulse is short, easy to read, and free. No sign in, no sign-up. Keep your name and email all to yourself. Just click here, download and learn.

What you'll learn:

  • The top tours, activities and attractions travelers want this summer
  • The state of traditional sightseeing (hint: it’s as popular as ever!)
  • The types of touring travelers want (think walking, eating, and getting local)
  • The attractions and activities topping travel hitlists
  • When they plan to book (it’s as last minute as ever)

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